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BARONNE STREET is available in Trade Paperback or Kindle format  at  Amazon.Com or your favorite bookstore (Ask for it by name or ISBN 1-453-70721-7).

Love means sometimes having to solve your ex‐girlfriend’s murder.


Burleigh Drummond, a fixer, ignores a voice‐mail plea for help from his ex‐girlfriend Coco Robicheaux. She broke his heart when she dumped him, so why should he care? He goes about his job of manipulating the imbroglios of New Orleans bluebloods and politicos. Still, Drummond misses Coco and regrets not answering her call.


The next morning he is rousted from bed by two extremely unpleasant homicide detectives with the news that Coco has been raped and bludgeoned to death. The detectives also share they have been instructed to do nothing about the case, but should he provide them with evidence…


As Drummond investigates he discovers Coco lived a clandestine existence in the city’s netherworld and had been drafted as an unwitting pawn in a plot to disrupt the upcoming mayoral election. As often happens with pawns, she was sacrificed.


When threats cloaked as friendly warnings escalate to an old‐fashioned beating, Drummond enlists a reputed mercenary, a black‐separatist reporter, and a computer hacker to assist in his investigation and, eventually, revenge. As Drummond negotiates through the maze of deception and he finds himself at odds with his blueblood clients, the police chief, the mayor, and a gay crime syndicate.

BARONNE STREET - a Burleigh Drummond novel

Buy BARONNE STREET from in  Trade Paperback  or  Kindle format .