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Kent Westmoreland

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The short story ASH WEDNESDAY mentions the events of BARONNE STREET.  How do the other stories fit in the Burleigh Drummond timeline?

  • PART OF THE PLAN and A RELATIVELY SMALL SUM OF MONEY occur before BARONNE STREET.  My collaboration with O'Neil De Noux, PRICE TAG ATTACHED, is in an alternate reality.

Is BARONNE STREET your first novel?

  • Yes, but I am working on a second novel that finds Burleigh Drummond caught in the crossfire of racial politics in New Orleans.  The third novel is still a glint in my eye but will most likely be about the intertwined horrors of missing children and sexual slavery.



I read in an interview you've been known to hang out with wise guys.   Does this mean you have friends in the Mafia?

  • If you mean thugs with dark shirts, olive-oil perfect hair, and .45 caliber bulges under their shoulders, the answer is no.  In New Orleans, they’re anachronisms.  Local godfather Carlos Marcello went to prison in the early eighties and the New Orleans Mafia fell apart for various reasons, including apathy.  When Marcello died in 1993 no one assumed his role and the territory became open.  A new breed of Mafioso moved into town.  Young men who are sophisticated and college-educated; men who surround themselves with modern day torpedoes - lawyers.  The business is the same, just slicker. Yes, I socialize with these guys.  Look for them in a future Burleigh Drummond novel or story.



We don't know much about Drummond's background.  Why?

  • I don't subscribe to current writing practice of loading down the reader with the characters' histories.  I hope I can keep the reader interested in what is happening in the present. 


In BARONNE STREET, we learn that Drummond is not a native of New Orleans.


During the short story Part of the Plan, Drummond mentions his grandfather.  Serious mystery buffs will catch the reference.  Of course, the comment could be more philosophical than genealogical. 


In the short story Price Tag Attached, Drummond states his knowledge of the antiques business came from working at an antiques shop.  Though not mentioned in the story that was during his high school days.


I plan to drop more clues about his background in future.


Will you write fiction that doesn't feature Burleigh Drummond?

  • All of my planned work is about Drummond, though I can see the possibility of a novel or short story featuring Morgan Cross ( a character in BARONNE STREET).