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Kent Westmoreland

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Wow!  You're on the web site.  I'm flattered.


I would suspect you have read BARONNE STREET or have an interest in reading it. I appreciate that you took an interest in my writing.


My personal story won’t excite you.  My parents were generous and loving; I have no sad stories of torture and abuse. Though I suspect I made their lives a living hell.


The stork dropped me in rural North Carolina on a farm with cows and chickens; a locale I never really cared for. But the location came with my parents and a pretty cool older brother, so there are no complaints.


After high school I moved to Charlotte and spent a few years without direction before eventually attending college to become a software developer.


A few years after college I stumbled into New Orleans and never made it out.  That happens a lot here.


I worked for many years as an IT project manager in the utility, banking, and consulting industries.  I quasi-retired recently and became a bartender. My wife, Leslie, is an accountant.  We live in uptown New Orleans with three cats. 


People sometimes ask me why I write and why I created the Burleigh Drummond universe.  Leslie tells me I like to pontificate and she’s correct.  The format and structure of the detective novel provides the freedom to opine on the human condition in relation to social and political issues.  And it is fun.


If you want to find out more you can email me at  


Thanks again for stopping by.