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See what others say about BARONNE STREET - 

"It’s actually hard to believe this is the author’s first novel, because plot, prose and characterization are all clean and well executed, and New Orleans is made vividly alive under Westmoreland’s hand. "

  • Audrey Homan in Crime Factory Magazine (page 187)

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"Kent Westmoreland’s BARONNE STREET is a bold first effort. Wit and spunk prevail. Detective Burleigh Drummond is high society and low emotion, materialistic yet generous, sure of himself and well paid for it all.  The City of New Orleans is Drummond’s “Hawaii 5-0” meets “Miami Vice” on “Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous.”
  • Dionne Charlet in Where Y'at Magazine

"BARONNE STREET by Kent Westmoreland is a fast-past, action packed thriller that takes the reader deep into New Orleans. Not only does Westmoreland give the reader and intimate feel for life in New Orleans he also creates extraordinary characters, vivid and eclectic enough to entertain any reader."
  • Jennifer Higgins at Rundpinne Book Reviews

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"BARONNE STREET is a stunning debut. Indeed, Westmoreland writes with the confidence and polish of someone well into their career, not a first time author. The New Orleans setting and compelling lead in Burleigh are ripe for further adventures, and I for one certainly hope to see Burleigh Drummond blossom into a long-lived series. "

  • Elizabeth White in the Savannah Morning News

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"This first novel by Kent Westmoreland introduces Burleigh ["Burr"]Drummond, and takes the reader on a wild ride down BARONNE STREET, home to, in less than equal parts, sleaze, beautiful women, horny men, free-flowing liquor, old money, drugs, prostitutes and corruption of all kinds. Shocking, to find all that in N'Awleens, right? A place where, among the tantalizing smells emanating from the wonderful restaurants, it takes "a little longer to identify the sickly sweet odor of unearned wealth."
Now a private investigator for three years, twenty-eight-year-old Drummond is hired by a beautiful, moneyed woman to find out why her husband is suddenly behaving in a 'peculiar' manner, paying him very handsomely for the privilege. The ensuing investigation turns up much more than either the client or Drummond bargained for, much of it very, very personal to the detective.
He is assisted in his endeavors, as usual, by Morgan Cross, 35 years old and 'the coolest guy' he'd ever known, reputed to be many things [among them mercenary, hit man, and spy], and indispensable to Drummond. The latter has his own "special talent," to wit, to "manipulate delicate situations discreetly and keep the consequences quiet." A tall order in this case, as it turns out.
This was a delightful read, with believable characters and terrific setting and dialogue, and one I highly recommend. I can't wait to see what's in store for Burr Drummond and his New Orleans in the next book, one I certainly hope is in the pipeline."

  • Gloria Feit in The Midwest Book Review

BARONNE STREET is an exhilarating novel, a formula-one ride along the bumpy streets of New Orleans.  Burleigh Drummond is as cool as the icy gin he guzzles, as hot as the cars he drives, as provocative as the women he knows (some in the Biblical sense).“

  • O’Neil De Noux – author of The LaStanza series of police novels, Slick Time, New Orleans Confidential, Mafia Aphrodite and New Orleans Nocturnal

BARONNE STREET reads like early Chandler, but with modern sensibilities.  Kent Westmoreland's Burleigh Drummond is an outsider who looks corrupt New Orleans society square in the face.  He knows how to play the games, but in the end, retains his own brand of integrity.  The prose is immensely readable, and the characters beautifully drawn.  BARONNE STREET is a winner!”  

  • Ellen Hart - author of the Jane Lawless novels The Mirror Mask and Sweet Poison 

"Kent Westmoreland is bringing some mad-wicked, kick-ass skills to the table with BARONNE STREET. The debut of the year, a magnificent read.  What the hell are you waiting for? Get this novel right now!"

  • Victor Gischler, author of Gun Monkeys and Go-Go Girls of the Apocalypse

BARONNE STREET is a nice tight piece of work with believable characters and a storyline with carefully planted surprises.” 

  • Ed Gorman - author of Ticket to Ride and Death Ground

"Kent Westmoreland brings a fresh perspective to New Orleans in self-styled detective Burleigh Drummond.   BARONNE STREET is a terrific first novel.  Westmoreland is a helluva writer." 

  • Wendi Lee - author of the Angela Matelli novels He Who Dies  and  Deadbeat  

"In BARONNE STREET, Kent Westmoreland shows an admirable control of character and dialogue and tells a story with the kind of sure-footedness that makes you remember the days when Peter Gunn and the guys at 77 Sunset Strip knocked off wisecracks and wise guys without mussing their hair.  If this is his first novel, I can't wait for number 2."  

  • Robert Skinner - author of Blood to Drink and  Daddy's Gone A'Hunting